Monday, November 1, 2010

How many more goodbyes are left before my own?

There comes a time in life when your heroes have fallen , your idols are fading and you see friends parents and even your friends passing away.

I realized that as I getting older time is passing faster and faster like a car coasting down a hill with no driver to apply the brakes. Your children have grow before your very eyes and graduated or are soon to, and are moving into adult hood with out you, then you look in the mirror and see gray hair, wrinkles and sags and wonder who is that old person looking back at me .

Yesterday one of basketball's greats died, Maurice Lucas, former Portland Trail Blazer and coach. I had the privilege many years ago to meet him, he never said no to an fan asking for an autograph, and a picture or just a chance to say hello. He was always the gentle giant, with a smile for all.

These things combined got me to thinking my heroes are gone; my grandfather, Chesty Puller, John Wayne and Audie Murphy. I am rapidly approaching age 50, cant bend, walk, stand or sit comfortably any longer due to health issues and wonder how long till my name is "Called up Yonder" as the song says.

On face book I have over a hundred friends, many from high school, but are they friends or just names from the past, would I know them or they me, if we met in the store?

My mom, aunt and grandmother are still with me, my dad and grandfather gone to lead the way and I want to know was this the last Halloween or will this be the last Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Tomorrow morning as I go to proudly watch my son, Jordan swearing into the U.S. army and leave for boot camp I wonder how many more goodbyes are left before my own?

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