Friday, December 31, 2010

Its New Years eve and the minutes are slowly ticking by until a new year starts...

Its New Years eve and the minutes are slowly ticking by until a new year starts.... Jordan just came by to get his boots, he leaves tomorrow @ 0600 to return to boot camp and training. Christina & company are having fun in Disneyland, and I volunteered to work today. It seems everyone celebrates the New Year in different ways, some go out to party, some same have parties at home, I decided to stay off the roads and watch TV. Tomorrw Grandma Betty, Mom, Shirley, Jamie and the girls will have brunch and enjoy the start of a new year. It wont seem quite complete with out Jordan, I've gotten used to having him around this last week or so. I will miss him.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another Christmas in the books

Well the presents have been opened, the cookies eaten, the kids tucked in. Another Christmas in the books, this one had special meaning for me, all that remains is to stuff the wrapping paper and tinsel in the trash bin. We might have to leave a bit for the cat to play with. My grandmother, who turns 87 today, my mother, Aunt, cousins were all present. Christina, Tamara, Cassie and Jordan were also there, and in a very real sense so was my grandfather, who passed away in 2002. My grandmother reduced my home from Army boot camp son to tears on Christmas Eve by telling him how much Grandpa loved him and how proud he would have been of his enlisting in the Army. Then on Christmas he received my grandfathers gold pocket watch and WWII Army dog tags. This watch was my great grandfathers and handed down to grandpa Ed and now Jordan. The whole family took a time out to wipe the tears.

My grandmother got a new picture of Cassie, my 21 yr old daughter, Jimmy my x-stepson, Jordan in uniform, Tamara, Ashanay and Kya. Only my brothers kids and one cousin were missing. All the grandmothers got individual groupings of thier grand kids. Between my mother and Aunt I think they bought out the eBay jewelry store. I got a new color laser printer, a Nook e-book reader and a bathroom makeover.

I hope Christmas found you with family and friends. Look forward to the New Year and rejoice in the blessing we have but all to often take for granted.