Saturday, May 14, 2011

The end of the tuna can and start of the hamster wheel

Today Christina traded in her beloved 2006 Honda Civic (the tuna can) for a God awful color 2010 Kia Soul (the hamster wheel). I think its a cute little car for hamsters, and it may be a great car but the color will take some getting used to after the nice blue of the Honda. My perception is clouded by the Kia commercial, I prefer a little taller, bigger, heavier 4x4 type trucks/SUV's.. probably 'cause I'm a little taller, bigger, heavier 4x4 type guy. (Hint the 2008 Jeep Commander is mine)

I post all of this mostly 'cause I think she made a good deal, for a newer car and I didn't have to spend half my Saturday in a car showroom feeling like I wanted to hurt a salesman. Good job Christina!

Stay tuned the adventures of the hamster wheel have just started.....

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zoobaby said...

I love those commercials!!! The color is like new hey just cut!!!! Loveing it!!! Hannah