Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Off to a Bad Start

Well Jordan called home last week and started off the conversation with "Dad I got in trouble, and got an article 15" as the conversation progressed he told me that he'd gotten into a fight with someone in his platoon and that they've both been punished. His punishment included being recycled back six weeks in his training . This isn't altogether a bad thing, as it happens from time to time, that it does mean that it could jeopardize his been stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington state. He also lost rank, seven days' pay, and is on restriction for fourteen days .

I asked how he felt about the whole situation, he responded 'he was disappointed with himself for losing his temper but it is what it is and he will learn from it.'

I am of course disappointed that it happened but am proud of his taking ownership of his error, not something that would have occurred even a year or so ago.

In the grand scheme of things an article 15 isn't the worst thing to have happen, but it surely isn't the greatest either.

My DI's while in boot camp used to say "if you ain't got a captains mass (article 15) on you record once when you get out you ain't done shit in this mans Marine Corps."

I stood tall before the man for Captains Mass in my 3rd year in for something well deserved, certainly not not the worst thing I had done just what I got caught at, and suffered 10 days of additional duties for my stupidity.

All in all a learning experience that I hope Jordan doesn't repeat.

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